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Personal Healing Sessions

I was physically and mentally at a cross roads just over a year ago.   Not to be dramatic, but honestly I was at a point of live or give up.  My journey began, looking for an Osteopath for my physical symptoms and a crystal healer for my mental state.  I found both but searched hard for the perfectly suited crystal healer, which, I eventally found in Elizabeth Peterken (I know her as Min).  I went from Crystal Healing to Shamanic Healing Sessions and have never looked back.  The sessions and presciption essences, she has made for me, have given me; Clarity on my journey, closure to many issues past and present, connections and peace to life and death, love and hope, strength, forgiveness and My Truth (I found my truth).  With our work together I found myself a better human being with better understanding of the universe around me.

Ulrike Bailey, UK

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