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Home, Land and Business Healing


You might be familiar with acupuncture - the ancient Chinese medical practice of using needles to help bring the body back to health - but did you know that the same approach can be applied to houses,  gardens, and businesses too?  Land acupuncture is what Elizabeth Peterken uses to clear spaces and places to bring harmony to a home and ease to its occupants.  Using the ancient art of dowsing, sensory perception, and spiritual guidance to detect imbalances, allows Elizabeth to use multiple space-clearing techniques within the home and business.

Like the body, the earth has natural energy lines. And just like the meridian lines on our body, they can get blocked or disturbed by digging a building’s foundations, for example. A published paper in Cairo University’s Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences concluded that respecting the natural earth energies during the building design process does affect the well-being of its occupants.

When the earth’s energy lines become blocked it can result in mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease: sleep disturbances and nightmares (particularly in children), constant illness and inability to heal, arguments and accidents, businesses failing, and houses not selling.  These are some common reasons why people have asked for Elizabeth’s assistance.  Clients also come to Elizabeth for her help in clearing a house before moving in and out, or to reset a retreat space before a new course begins.

Our homes and businesses should be our sanctuary and, with a background in social work, creating safe and vibrant spaces frames much of the work Elizabeth has done all her professional life. You can say she was born to do this work, coming from a family of healers, who were very much about being in nature and working with nature; Elizabeth’s grandmother and mum (also a medium and healer) were both fantastic gardeners and green-fingered.  Growing up In a house with lots of paranormal activity led Elizabeth towards land and space clearing, training under Richard Creightmore (a renowned dowser and Geomancer) along the way.

The proof Elizabeth's approach works is very much in client testimonials. Just ask the lady whose house wouldn’t sell; the business that was in decline, staffed by an unproductive and fractious workforce; or the client who couldn’t sleep, challenged by arguments with neighbours and events within the home. In each case peace, productivity and profits have been restored thanks to Elizabeth’s healing ways.  

I was given Elizabeth's (Min's) details by a friend when I was in a very difficult time and she absolutely rescued me and pulled me out of the hole I was in and left me feeling supported and enlightened with a new confidence to be able to carry on with the hard tasks at hand.  I have had two healing sessions and bought my son for one aswell which was a really magical experiance.  Time and life have moved on but I still feel safe in the knowledge that I can call upon Min to help me out when I get shaky and unsure.  She has absolutely opened my eyes to a new way and for that I'm hugely grateful and am keen to keep that element in my life and learn whatever I can.  I asked min to help with land healing at my old house which had so many problems attached to it and although I was on my way out my children would remain there part time so it was very important for me to feel at ease with that and I got a good sense that she cleared some of the built up mess that was engrained in the house.  When I bought my new house Min helped to settle me in very early on which was super refreshing and the information she relayed after doing her magic has stayed with me.  It was a beautiful way to allow the old out and let the house welcome me and my family in especially given my experiance with my previous house.  I can't recommend Min and her varied services enough she has helped me in so many ways and I'm quite sure will continue to do for years to come. 

HA - Sussex

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