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Home Harmony Wellbeing Kit

Home Harmony Wellbeing Kit

SKU: 0012

This kit is a must for all homes and businesses, helping to cleanse and negate stagnant energies, bringing positive vibrations and peace. This kit is perfect for any home owner.


1 x Home Harmony Spray - 50ml.

1 x sage for smudging.

1 x pouch of 6 clear quartz points.

1 x Bespoke Blended Tea Home Harmony Tea 30g - Nettle leaf, Rosemary leaf, Rose petals, Marigold petals, Elderflower, Juniper berries.

(Use 1 rounded teaspoon per cup and infuse for a minimum of 10 minutes. Up to 3 cups daily).


Your products are a collaboration between Heart and Home Healing and The Wild Pharma.  The packaging is recyclable.  The organic Fairtrade cotton bags for the crystal is directly sourced from a group of women in India with the profits helping to support their community).


Details on how to use the kit can be found on my YouTube Channel Elizabeth Peterken (Min)


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