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Meditation Wellbeing Kit

Meditation Wellbeing Kit

SKU: 0011

A well-being box to support your meditation and mindfulness.  Box includes;  Crystal Heart of Selenite, Heart Space Vibrational Essence and a bespoke tea made by The Wild Pharma.  


Selenite Heart - A beautiful crystal to aid meditation.  Helping to clear the chakras to allow clear flow through to the higher chakras and higher self.


Heart Space 50ml - Description - This essence supports your journey through life by allowing you to rest in your heart space and be true to yourself.   A great essence for spiritual work and moving ourselves to the centre of our being. 


Meditation Wellbeing Tea 30g - Vervain herb, Lavender flowers, Oat straw, Chamomile flower, Gout kola leaf, Star Anise Buchu leaf. Use 1 rounded teaspoon per cup and infuse for a minimum of 10 minutes. Up to 3 cups daily.






* Use the vital force/energy signature of crystals to support your natural healing process. * Vibrational sprays can be used as a self-help tool or preventative measure for your day-to-day living.

* Essences help us when our unique vibrations are running low, which can create negativity that exposes us to illness and disconnects us from our spiritual path.

* Bottles are in spray format. If the sprayer becomes clogged place the sprayer in hot water and spray the water through until it clears.


Your products are a collaboration between Heart and Home Healing and The Wild Pharma.  The packaging is recyclable.  The organic Fairtrade cotton bags for the crystal is directly sourced from a group of women in India with the profits helping to support their community).


More information can be found on YouTube (Elizabeth Peterken - Min)

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